Cottages And Villas

Wooden Cottage

Watched all those movies and envied those wooden cottages that look cozy and romantic? Envy no more…Maliekal Heritance offers you a cozy experience.

Standard Rate : 12,000 + GST
Peak Season Rate : 15,000 + GST

Wooden Jacuzzi Suite

Popular among dignitaries from across the globe and from different industries, our Jacuzzi Suite is designed to give an experience of luxury and space.

Standard Rate : 14,000 + GST
Peak Season Rate : 17,000 + GST

Wooden Exotica Lake View Jacuzzi Suite

Quite often, we yearn to escape the complexities of life all for a while, be it our taxing work schedule.

Standard Rate : 15,000 + GST
Peak Season Rate : 18,000 + GST

Wooden Panoramic Lake View Jacuzzi Suite

Imagine waking up to the beautiful shades of sunrise and looking out to the expansive view of the lake.

Standard Rate : 15,000 + GST
Peak Season Rate : 18,000 + GST

Wooden Lake View Honeymoon Jacuzzi Suite

Honeymoon is often a stressful time for newly married couples.

Standard Rate : 16,000 + GST
Peak Season Rate : 19,000 + GST

Wooden Cottage With Jacuzzi

That getaway after a hectic few days of ceremonies, smiling at relatives and eating exhausting meals is what is now termed as Honeymoon.

Standard Rate : 17,000 + GST
Peak Season Rate : 20,000 + GST

Wooden Exotica Lake View Duplex Jacuzzi Suite

What comes to mind when you hear the word Exotic? For us it’s simple - a unique experience with a luxurious feel.

Standard Rate : 20,000 + GST
Peak Season Rate : 23,000 + GST

Wooden Heritage Villa (Two Bedroom)

Heritage is something that is passed on to generations afore from generation before. It is a blend of tradition, culture and essence.

Standard Rate : 22,000 + GST
Peak Season Rate : 25,000 + GST

Wooden Lake View Private Pool Suite With Jacuzzi

When you choose luxury, you choose an ambience and experience that will satisfy you.

Standard Rate : 25,000 + GST
Peak Season Rate : 28,000 + GST

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The Resort is a lovely cocoon of natural beauty in an accessible location.
Each of the Cottages overlooks the lush garden with its landscaped beauty.