Cottages And Villas

Wooden Cottage

"Elegance" is something dignified by richness and grace. "Wooden cottage @ MALIEKAL HERITANCE CHERAI” is a true representation of elegance. These elegantly designed luxury wooden cottage is built entirely with "Wild Jack".

Standard Rate : 12,000 + GST
Peak Season Rate : 15,000 + GST

Jaccuzzi Suite

Designed for the lavish & suitable accommodation of dignitaries & luminaries from all spheres of industry, The Jaccuzzi Suites come with a set of particular privileges befitting to the stature of its guests.

Standard Rate : 15,000 + GST
Peak Season Rate : 18,000 + GST

Wooden Cottage With Jacuzzi

No other words other than "Exotic" is suited for this amazing wooden chalet with jacuzzi. The moment you step in starts the feel of luxury. "Wooden cottage with Jacuzzi" @ MALIEKAL HERITANCE CHERAI" is a super luxury wooden cottage.

Standard Rate : 15,000 + GST
Peak Season Rate : 18,000 + GST

Heritage Villa

"Classic" what makes something classic? “Classic” is something that is of the best of its kind in a certain period of time. It can be a work of can turn heads in admiration all the while.

Standard Rate : 20,000 + GST
Peak Season Rate : 22,000 + GST

Wood House

"Magnificent" is something which has splendid appearance of exceptional beauty which one cannot take your eyes off is the best suited words to describe this ostentatious “Wood House”.

Standard Rate : 22,000 + GST
Peak Season Rate : 25,000 + GST

Duplex Jaccuzzi Suite

"Duplex Jaccuzzi Suite occupy on two levels. The room offers a comfortable working space with free Wi-Fi and state-of-the-art in room entertainment. On the low level level, there is seperate balcony and living area.

Standard Rate : 20,000 + GST
Peak Season Rate : 25,000 + GST

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The Resort is complementing the natural beauty of unique location;
each of the all Cottages opens out to the lush garden, scenic beauty.