Cottages And Villas

Wooden Cottage

Watched all those movies and envied those wooden cottages that look cozy and romantic? Envy no more…Maliekal Heritance offers you a cozy experience at our Wooden Cottages.

Standard Rate : 12,000 + GST
Peak Season Rate : 15,000 + GST

Jaccuzzi Suite

Popular among dignitaries from across the globe and from different industries, our Jacuzzi Suite is designed to give an experience of luxury and space. A 600 sq.ft room, the Jacuzzi Suite offers you the luxury.

Standard Rate : 15,000 + GST
Peak Season Rate : 18,000 + GST

Wooden Cottage With Jacuzzi

That getaway after a hectic few days of ceremonies, smiling at relatives and eating exhausting meals is what is now termed as Honeymoon in these modern times.

Standard Rate : 15,000 + GST
Peak Season Rate : 18,000 + GST

Heritage Villa

Heritage is something that is passed on to generations afore from generation before. It is a blend of tradition, culture and essence tightly woven into the fabric of heritage.

Standard Rate : 20,000 + GST
Peak Season Rate : 22,000 + GST

Wood House

Magnanimous is feeling you have felt at different points in life. At Maliekal Heritance, we bring that feeling out in our beautiful and luxurious Wood House.

Standard Rate : 22,000 + GST
Peak Season Rate : 25,000 + GST

Duplex Jaccuzzi Suite

What comes to mind when you hear the word Exotic? For us it’s simple - a unique experience with a luxurious feel. Well, with our Exotic Club Rooms, we have succeeded in achieving this very feel.

Standard Rate : 20,000 + GST
Peak Season Rate : 25,000 + GST

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The Resort is a lovely cocoon of natural beauty in an accessible location.
Each of the Cottages overlooks the lush garden with its landscaped beauty.