Maliekal Heritance Cherai

When you go for a break or a vacation, you find that everyone has a different idea of relaxation and fun. What if we say that we got it all covered and that you and everyone in your family or friends group will find something that they are bound to enjoy? Hard to believe… Let’s blow your mind, shall we?



One of the toughest but most rewarding activities, fishing is meant for the one with patience. So if you ticked the patience box, we invite you reel in some of the best catches you will ever bait. We offer fishing rods, lines and baits for the experts. Not an expert? Not a problem, we even give you fishing lessons and not just using fishing rods, we even help cast a net…caught your attention, didn’t we?



Have a streak of wild in you? No worries, we got you! There a range of water sports to choose from right at the beach that will give you thrilling ride along the waves of the ocean. All water sports are performed under professional guidance with all safety measures in place. Since we want your safety, we recommend all water activities to be done with a life jacket.



Have a cozy and private dinner either overlooking the beach or backwater and forget the world itself. We offer a private nook, where you and your partner can enjoy the delicious dishes that we offer and spend some quality time together without any interferences.



Some of the best sights are seen on a bicycle and we offer bicycles to ride through the quaint villages that surround Cherai. You often come across locals who are eager to share stories or even invite you in for cup of piping hot chai.



Our beautiful infinity swimming pool welcomes you to take a dip after a hot day in the sun. Overlooking the backwaters, it feels almost like a dip in the cool backwaters of Cherai. For the fun loving guests who are looking for more than a calm swimming pool, we are delighted to let you know that we have a wave experience within the pool as well. So be it a serene dip or fun wave pool, our infinity swimming pool is waiting for a dip.



Want to venture into calm and peaceful backwaters? Want a ride the waves on a speedboat? Want to experience the local country boat? We offer them all. We offer a 30 mins free boat ride along the backwaters while the ride into ocean and country boat ride are on request and subject to availability. Since we want your safety, all our water activities are done with a life jacket.



Ever seen those sleek one or two manned kayaks cut through the water? Well, now you have a chance to experience this right at our property. We offer kayaks to paddle your way through the backwaters and sight the local birds and enjoy the calm waters. Since we want your safety, all our water activities are done with a life jacket.



When you are holidaying right at the lip of the backwaters, it is only natural to wonder about how it would feel to dine on the water. Well, Maliekal Heritance read your mind and made your wish come true with a relaxed and unique dining experience on our own Kerala style boat.

Moored at the Maliekal property, you can now experience the calm, soothing backwaters that form the heart of Kerala. Be it for a romantic candlelight dinner with your better half or even hosting a dinner for a small group, our boat has the capacity for both and will delight you equally in both the experiences.

With the waters calming your senses and the refreshing breeze putting your mind at ease, we highly recommend dining on the boat to elevate your stay to the next level.

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The Resort is a lovely cocoon of natural beauty in an accessible location.
Each of the Cottages overlooks the lush garden with its landscaped beauty.