Wooden Cottage With Jacuzzi

Wooden Cottage With Jacuzzi

Maliekal Heritance Cherai

Honeymoon is often a stressful time for newly married couples. Right from trying many activities to a short number of days to the hassle of booking a room that will appeal to the newly wed pair, honeymoon is no longer synonymous with romance.

At Maliekal Heritance, we would like to invite you to experience your honeymoon at our wooden cottage with jaccuzzi

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Wooden Cottage With Jacuzzi

Maliekal Heritance Cherai
That getaway after a hectic few days of ceremonies, smiling at relatives and eating exhausting meals is what is now termed as Honeymoon in these modern times. Sure, we can’t change your circumstances, but we sure can make your stay one of luxury, comfort and bonding with your wonderful partner right beside you! Welcome to our Honeymoon Wooden Cottage with a jacuzzi…

Yes, you read that right!

At Maliekal Heritance, we offer you a luxurious and spacious Wooden chalet spread across 800 sq. ft. Built entirely with "Wild Jack" or "Jungle jack" wood from floor to ceiling, the cottage pays tribute to wood native to the region.

Our wooden cottage has a spacious bedroom with a comfortable bed to offer you a rejuvenating sleep. Our well equipped and large bathroom have rain shower panels to offer you a refreshing shower.

The jacuzzi, a highlight of the cottage is accessible from the balcony and the bathroom. With Wooden blinds provided all around the jacuzzi to create an intimate mood, we have set the stage for your honeymoon!

The room has two balconies, one in the front that overlooks the lush green garden while the other to the beautiful view of backwaters.

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The Resort is complementing the natural beauty of unique location;
each of the all Cottages opens out to the lush garden, scenic beauty.